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River’s Rising   Leave a comment

Last time I walked down to the river, I noticed a bunch of trash that had been left in my favorite spot.  So I went down this morning with a trash sack and good intentions.  But when I started down, I saw this:




 I walked here dryshod (well, nearly) day before yesterday. 

The river had risen enough to cut me off from my mission.  I could have waded across, but the water looked to be above my knees, and the offending trash (mostly plastic bottles) had probably sailed downstream already. 

Another reason the water didn’t look too inviting was the fact that a body had been found not too far away the day before.  It’s been in the news, of course; the body of a prominent local realtor was found about a hundred feet upstream of our usual crossing spot.  That’s well east of us, and on the opposite bank.  The death is being described as mysterious, because it’s pretty hard to drown in this part of the river.  There have been deaths close by, but by hanging, stabbing, suicide and car accidents; I can’t think of any drownings in years.

Marion went riding this morning, and reported that police of all types were still swarming over the scene of the death and points upstream.  He was reported to have been carrying a backpack, and if they find that they can figure out where he went into the river. 

The river could tell so many stories . . .


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