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It’s been too warm to do much weeding, so my flower pots are pretty much drowning in Bermuda grass; I’m not committed enough to get out there and pull it out in this weather.

Still, I have a few flowers left.  Above is one of the last daylilies.  All the rest are at least alive, and they’ll come back once the weather breaks.  It was only 103 yesterday!

Our sort-of-adopted granddaughter BillyGirl (to differentiate her from Number One Billy and grandson Billy) came over and borrowed my horse Duffy for a swim in the river.  I wish I’d been fast enough with a camera to catch them coming in; she was riding bareback and packing a small dog, and everyone concerned was soaking wet.  And ol’ Duffy played in the water, but didn’t even lie down with her.

 So many people have a lot of trouble getting their horses to cross water.  We have trouble keeping our horses out of it.


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