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The definition of a sinking feeling?  What you get when you are going home with a grocery bag full of frozen food and ice cream and the crossing rail comes down just ahead of you . . . with a very slow freight train behind it.

Luckily, this one was a short freight train.  I hope the ice cream survived.

I’m going to show the latest picture of that cut the Arab gelding got on the fourth of July, so, for those who don’t want to look, here’s my Last Glad of the year.




Now, to the yucky part. 

This cut is coming along beautifully, thanks to the care of the owner.  Notice the left side especially, where new skin is beginning to grow across.  That’s happening on the right side, too, but it’s hidden behind the fold of skin.  There’s no sign of infection, and it’s looking good — if ugly.



4thjulycut 7 18 2


Vinnie (sp?) is an excellent patient, tolerant of all the careful cleaning and doctoring.  The only problem is that he’s beginning to feel Really Good.  He shows this with a toss of his head and a little prance as he and his owner set out.  His walks may get livelier and livelier.

It was ninety at nine o’clock, and a hundred at almost noon.  After this, I’ll shut down the computer until this evening.  There were a surprising number of riders out and about this morning, but most are gone now.  Everyone’s really ready for a break in the heat wave.


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