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Roof Rats and Rainbows   1 comment

We have discovered we have roof rats.  The other night, Billy had just turned off the TV when he happened to look out of the window.  There was a big ol’ roof rat, just scrambling down from the overhead of our patio.

Now roof rats, as most people know, are bad news.  We tolerate the squirrels, gophers, and rabbits, but a roof rat can get into your attic and chew up your wiring.  So off I went to Floyd’s, our local hardware store, in search of traps and bait.

The problem is, of course, we don’t want our dog to get into the bait or traps.  A heavy rat trap snapping shut on her nose could cause a lot of damage.  So we taped the trap to the diagonal brace of the upright pole which they were using as a highway. 

Well, roof rats are smart.  They start down as soon as Billy (he’s always the last to bed) turns off the TV.  He watched them as they came down the brace, sniffed the trap, and turned around.  They examined it carefully, one at a time, before they rejected the bacon lure entirely and scrambled down the upright instead.  So yesterday Billy sent helper Jerry up to the roof to plant bait packets.  We’ll see if that works. 

It’s really humiliating to be outsmarted by a rat.

A day or two ago, I started out the door, only to turn around and get my camera.  I was struck by the beauty of the rainbow in the sprinkler.  It was unusually bright and highlighted by the darkness of the elderberry behind it.


A line popped into my head: “Fortunate are those who have eyes to see and hearts to behold”.  I don’t know where I heard that, but I certainly feel fortunate, and I’ll try beholding things instead of just seeing them.


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