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Here are Kay and Cathy again, in a picture taken early on Wednesday.  I’m still not contented with their pretty mares in this shot, but I’ll keep trying.


Notice Holly’s not too artistically braided tail.  Kay was horrified to find that the horse in the next pen had been busily chewing chunks out of her horse’s long and snowy tail.  Berry, the custodian of the villain of the piece, had braided up her tail to try to protect it.  I don’t think Berry has a future in hairdressing.

Anyhow, we moved horses around, and now Holly has a less busy neighbor.  We have this problem once in a while.  Usually it’s a young horse that does the chewing, which is why you’ll see many broodmares with abbreviated tails.  The horse whose tail is being shortened seems to enjoy the feeling, and will stand there happily for the convenience of the chewer.  Owners, however, don’t appreciate the impromptu haircut a bit!

I’m trying yet another theme.  This one is called “Rounded”.  The last one was called “Thirteen”.  I can’t quite figure out the names, but I guess that’s not my problem.


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