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Down by the River   Leave a comment

panriver09 2

A walk by the river yielded several nice cool pictures.  This one looks upstream, or east toward the mountains.


And this one looks downriver, to the west.  It’s not as pretty downriver, because there is not always water in the river that way.  Trees don’t grow up without consistent water, so there’s not much shade.  There’s a lot of dead brush.  It provides cover for the wildlife, but goes up instantly in a fire.  The dead snags you can see in several river pictures are from the last time that happened — I think summer before last.  There is a lot of new growth.  That happens if the roots are spared.  Some trees burned even below the ground last time, leaving only ashy cavities behind.

I had to walk a little way to get these pictures.  There’s only damp ground, with a few puddles, in the arm of the river that goes right by us.  Maybe we’ll get a really wet winter this year.  We could sure use it.


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