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We didn’t survive the Fourth quite intact.  Billy made a late round, and on his first pass through the other side there was no problem.  On the second pass, the bank of the road was blazing.  Cause?  Undoubtedly a tossed-out firework.

There were still people around, and between boarders and passers-by, I imagine the Fire Department got a lot of calls.  It didn’t take long to get it out.  There’s not a lot of brush there, only short grass.  Luckily there were no horses in the pens closest to the road right now, so we didn’t have to move anybody.

We’ve had two minor colics and one moderate (requiring oil) this weekend, and I can’t help but wonder if the stress of all the pops and bangs didn’t contribute.

We just love fireworks.  Sure we do.

A pretty picture to make up for the ugly one above; daylily Oriole in full bloom.



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