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Crashity Bang!   1 comment

We were watching the news last night and listening to the popping and banging from Oildale, epicenter of illegal fireworks, when we heard an especially loud crash.  We just figured it was another firework.  A minute or two later one of a group of boarders, out enjoying the warm evening, came to the door.  There was a loose horse.

By the time I got out there, they had him back in his pen.  The reason he was out, though, was the huge old willow that had fallen in the alleyway behind his pen.  He had, not unnaturally, panicked and jumped out.


Here is the culprit the next morning. 


The trouble was that the horse had cut himself.  It was a very ugly cut, right on the stifle. (That’s the joint at the top of the hind leg, in case you don’t know.)  It was not bleeding a great deal, nor was it deep, but it looked awful.  We contacted the owners, and they came right out, but there was not a great deal to be done until daylight.  The bleeding had already stopped, and a cut in that position could not be sutured.

The vet came this morning and treated it.  It should heal beautifully, bad as it looks; horses are wonderful healers.  But it’s going to take a while.  I thought it might be interesting to track its progress as it healed, and took a picture showing how it looks now.  I was in two minds about showing it, but it’s really not too awful, so I decided to go ahead with a GORE ALERT.


It does look bad, if you haven’t seen a lot of these, but let me say once more it’s going to heal with maybe a little scar.  The working of the joint is the reason suturing is not possible; it’ll heal from the inside out. 

It could have been a lot worse.


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