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First Glad of the Year

First Glad of the Year

My first mystery gladiolus has bloomed; mystery, because it was never planted, but simply appeared in the container.  There is another one, salmon in color, getting ready to bloom.

We thought the last of the hay was in, but we found ourselves about three truck-and-trailer loads short, so Billy ordered more, and it will be in soon.  250 horses eat a lot of hay!

There are still a lot of horses coming and going.  We got a call yesterday from a lady whom we thought had moved out; but apparently there was a miscommunication of some sort, because she thought we knew she was returning with her three horses.  Billy is trying to figure out a way to get her back in, but it won’t be easy.

The Fourth of July is tomorrow, of course, and we are dreading it as usual.  The last few years haven’t been bad, but you never know when some idiot is going to decide it would be fun to park on the road and shoot Roman candles into the horse pens.  And the fire danger in the river bottom is always a concern.  No one has said anything about a fireworks party here, at least that I know of.  We wouldn’t be sorry if it didn’t come off this year.


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